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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

BOOJIE cookies

Everyone needs a little boojie in there life.

I am so exited to introduce you to my new and improved cottage bakery, boojie do. Get ready to enjoy a new variety of treats, a whole lot less cakes and more cookies!! The flavors are more limited but hopefully more delicious. If you follow me here, I hope to bring you new hints, products with recipes that you can finish at home and help in the success of your baking experiences.

Follow me also at, our, my daughter and I, our other blog ...and food to crave,

where we hope to help you have happy days and live life more enjoyable and memorable.

And if that isn't enough, we have started our own online boutique, branded chic of our own distinctive styles. Of course it will be wonderful,

my daughter Cassidy is the brains of this one!

Watch out for the give-a-ways and special promotions by simply following our social media sites and sharing our stuff!!

Thank you for tagging along!!


Follow us on Instagram!!!

boojie do and food to crave branded chic


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